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Total Care Learning
Total Care Learning

Total Care Learning
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Potential Exploration

Student Autonomy

The student union is an organization of student autonomy with its own organization charter and regulations. The student union serves all students by providing friendly and proactive services, including various activities on campus, such as celebrations, competitions, and final presentations every semester, as well as social services on holidays, all of which are the result of the student union’s hard work.
We hope that students will establish the five concepts of a proactive attitude, responsibility, care, logic, and professional integration through the interactive learning with each other. The activities are expected to help students develop leadership and frustration tolerance, and build good interpersonal relationships. In the future, they will be able to show themselves bravely and stand out from the competitive workplace with clear thinking, a serious and responsible attitude, and the spirit to actively care for society and culture.
Besides practicing our educational concepts, the student union composed of elected student members also serves as the communication bridge between all students in accordance with the comprehensive services it provides.

Everyone is uniquely “intelligent.” Learning should be more personalized.

We put emphasis on every student’s adaptive development and multiple intelligences, and value every student’s interests and aptitude. We try our best to encourage the students to establish their learning goals and plans. By combining the extracurricular activities and student clubs, the channels of knowledge acquisition are diversified. Therefore, “self-established clubs” have become one of the projects that UEIS is proud of. At the end of every semester, we encourage students to plan their “learning project” for the next semester and establish the club based on their own interest (photography club, skateboard club, sewing design club, etc). From planning, arranging the courses, assessing the budget, to actually establishing a club in the new semester, the students will be guided by teachers and will learn from the great experience in the process.
At the same time, through the courses offered in the clubs, the students will pursue curiosity and develop imagination, exploring themselves and inspiring more learning goals from more perspectives. The extracurricular club activities will also assist students in learning to take responsibility and acquiring of necessary skills, knowledge, and courage to develop their specialties and realize their prospects through hard work.
It is noteworthy that we’ve established the “Hope Club” by cooperating with elementary schools in remote townships. The students will design the English courses themselves and put into practice the teaching content in one of the neighborly clubs by assisting with the learning of elementary school students. Through the promotion of this kind of volunteer service, the students will experience the achievement and touching moments by providing assistance and services for others.

Physical Education

Development Goal

Physical education gives students the opportunity to become creative and cooperative, and provides them with a normal way to relieve pressure at the same time. They will form the habit of exercising and enhance their physical and mental health. Besides developing the students’ hobby of exercising, we arrange various professional physical education courses and develop the classification of high school physical education and advanced courses. The coaches or teachers will divide students into different groups and levels based on their starting abilities for each sport. We also encourage all students to learn teamwork and actively participate regardless of their abilities and skills.
Moreover, exercise physiology, tendon exercises, and nursing principles, which are included in the physical education class of North American education, are one of the characteristics of our school’s physical education! Besides working out their bodies, students will also learn the true essence of North American physical education classes!

Group Teaching

We offer the required and elective courses of physical education based on a curriculum. Every student can take turns learning the arranged items in the PE class. Led by the foreign teachers in the PE class, the students will experience the fun of a foreign PE class!

Characteristics of the Curriculum

Through the mixed-age education and the resource sharing and learning, we build a network of adaptive learning. Aside from the foreign teachers, we will also invite athletes and coaches from different fields of sports to serve as the coaches or teachers to increase the teachers’ professional competence and build the reputation in the learning and progress of each sports item.
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