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Ken Chen

Upon entering the school, he was already very clear about his first choice, the Department of Musicology of Indiana University. He experienced many frustrations along the way. He had to make use of free time in the evenings to practice playing musical instruments and join group practice, and numerous weekend concerts. During the day, he still needed to prepare for his GPA and TOEFL tests at school. Under so much pressure, his mood fluctuated greatly. Fortunately, with strong perseverance and with the support of his teacher and mother, he finally fulfilled his dream!
  • University of Rochester - Eastman School of Music ( Musical School#1; Overall Rank #33 )
  • Indiana University – Bloomington ( Music School #2; Overall Rank #89 )
  • University of Iowa ( Overall Rank #89 ) Music Scholarship, USD 10,000

Firmiana Huang

As a transfer student, she was shy and was worried that she couldn’t adapt to school life. She spent a period of time adjusting her study habits, and the school assisted her with her weekly and monthly study plans. Later on, she was elected president of the Student Union and even won first prize in the Yilan County English Speech Competition. With her outstanding performance in a variety of activities, school studies, and TOFEL test, she was accepted by numerous universities.
  • University of Washington ( Overall Rank #59; Business Program #21 )
  • Indiana University–Bloomington ( Overall Rank #89; Business Program #10 ) + Admission Scholarship

Cody Yu

After transferring from the general educational system, Cody worked especially hard in the hope of making his parents proud. Therefore, he adjusted his daily routine and personal state for his study plan of every semester and made obvious progress step by step. Finally, he was successfully admitted to University of Washington (Overall Rank #59; Business program #21) via the admission scholarship.

Nina Chang

She was unclear about her major when she initially entered the school. At 10th grade, she decided to set a goal to pursue departments related to animal protection and studies. The school also assisted her so she could join animal protection camps or work part-time at a veterinary hospital during summer vacation. Such hard work and experience helped her successfully gain admission to:
  • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities ( Overall Rank #76; Animal Science #10 )
  • Michigan State University ( Overall Rank #85; Animal science #20 ) + Admission Scholarship
  • Rutgers University—Camden ( #7 in Top Public Schools ) + Admission Scholarship $5000

Andrew Liu

Known as Brother BU (Boston University), he smiled shyly and worked hard to make himself worthwhile to earn the title. When he transferred to the school at the 9th grade, he showed interest in math and expected to be an accountant in the future. The school accompanied him through numerous terrifying dark periods of exams. Every summer vacation, he buried himself in doing SAT exercises. The teachers were not only the emotional garbage can when he burst into tears when feeling tired but also a stabilizing influence when he felt annoyed. Finally, he was accepted to Boston University and other great universities in the Early Decision round:
  • University of California—Irvine ( U.S. Rank #36 )
  • University of Illinois--Urbana Champaign ( U.S. Rank #48; Accounting School #2 )
  • Indiana University—Bloomington ( U.S. Rank #79; Accounting School #4 ) Admission Scholarship – USD 12000
  • Ohio State University-Columbus ( U.S. Rank #54; Accounting School #10 )

Stewart Huang

Indulging in AI, sci-fi, and mystery fiction is his favorite pastime. With an English novel in hand and focused eyes, he could feel the world around him simply stop. Reading is the best time to relieve pressure. The unique thoughts in Stewart’s brain always makes him utter some extraordinary ideas. He likes to write for the school magazine with his rational, observational, realistic, and critical perspective. This is how Stewart demonstrates his writer’s traits and talent. He is the “smart weirdo” in others’ eyes. But behind the grade of ACT 34/TOEFL 116, we understand his ups and downs, changes, and hard work! Nothing is easy!
  • University of California--Santa Barbara ( Overall Rank #34 )
  • University of California--San Diego ( Overall Rank #37 )
  • University of California--Davis ( Overall Rank #39 )
  • Brandeis University ( Overall Rank #40 )

Kevin Chou

Upon leaving his mother’s sanctuary of care at the start of school, he hid himself in the corner when feeling uncertain, hesitant, scared or helpless. Under the guidance all the way, and after participating in the Student Union, he started to understand his passion for public affairs. From a trainee, cadre, club leader, to the president of the Student Union, he experienced growth in the process and transformed himself into a confident and brilliant student. The Department of Politics will definitely be his only choice. With his great ideals and ambition, he bravely stepped forward and has won the approval of the universities!
  • Syracuse University ( Overall Rank #54 )
  • American University ( Overall Rank #77 )
  • Baylor University ( Overall Rank #79 )

Ailing Chen

Ailing is both a sweet and lively girl and a student with a calm mind, smart thinking, and high EQ. With both inner and outer beauty, she is active in human relationships and has become an essential part in various clubs and activities by serving as the cadre of the Student Union in charge of activity planning and art design. At the same time, she is also the manager of the basketball team, making use of her skills in recording and editing and enjoying the work without complaint! As a club leader, she led the pop dance club to join in all kinds of performance despite facing heavy pressure from schoolwork. The exploration and experience along the way made her more certain about her future major (mass communication). With courage and wisdom, she overcame difficulties, challenged herself, and fulfilled her dream!
  • Pennsylvania State University ( U.S. Rank #57 )
  • Indiana University–Bloomington ( U.S. Rank #79 )
  • University at Buffalo--SUNY ( U.S. Rank #79; Mass Communication #16 )
  • Clark University ( U.S. Rank #91 ) Scholarship USD 40,000

Billy Lin

As a prudent and careful person, he is passionate about the involvement and planning of everything. His responsible attitude has also won his classmates’ trust, making him the elected president of the Student Union. He also makes the best use of every minute in his schoolwork. In his study plan, he only gave himself seven minutes of rest, which is unbelievable to the junior students. The applications for university were completed by him alone without any help. He has been successfully admitted to his ideal schools.
  • University of California - San Diego ( Overall Rank #37; #24 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs )
  • University of Wisconsin (Overall Rank #46; #10 in Top Public Schools; #14 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs )
  • Pennsylvania State University ( Overall Rank #57; #18 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs )
  • University of Washington ( Overall Rank #62; #16 in Top Public Schools; #18 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs )

Peggy Tang

With a strong musical temperament, she never gave up her music talent when paying attention to her schoolwork and actively participated in the music activities and competitions both on and off campus to enrich her learning experience because she understood that only by showing her specialty and ability will she be seen by more people (schools).
  • Indiana University – Bloomington ( Overall Rank #79; #9 in Business Programs)
  • Purdue University ( Overall Rank #57)
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey ( Overall Rank #62)

Andrew Yu

With a strong passion for science and engineering, he made use of the summer vacation to join the robot design camp at Purdue University and was active in all kinds of science fairs. He was never hesitant to guide the junior students and often made use of leisure time to assist the junior students with math or science. He is the best teaching assistant of math and science. With such passion, he has been accepted by many prestigious universities.
  • University of California - San Diego ( Overall Rank #37; #24 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs)
  • University of California—Irvine ( Overall Rank #36)
  • Purdue University ( Overall Rank #57; #9 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs)
  • Pennsylvania State University ( Overall Rank #57; #18 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs)
  • University of Washington ( Overall Rank #62; #18 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs)
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