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Total Care Learning
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Inspiration, Support, Development

UEIS (United Education International School) provides an all-English learning environment for students to refine their language skills by studying an American-based education system for middle school in Taiwan. Besides English proficiency, students will learn general professional subjects in English to prepare for future university studies. In terms of the faculty, UEIS hires American, Canadian, and British teachers graduating from the world’s top universities and graduate schools with years of teaching experience. The entire curriculum is taught in English. In addition to teaching professional subjects, the foreign teachers also bring students a different international outlook in their courses, helping them to gradually integrate into the North American education system.
UEIS teaches students in accordance with their aptitude according to the students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social skills, and aesthetics growth needs, and assesses each student’s interests, abilities, and university choices to jointly develop personalized development plans for a bright future.

Teaching Philosophy

Teachers have a decisive influence on students in the classroom, and shoulder the responsibility to help students make academic progress. The greatest mission of UEIS teachers is to assist Taiwanese students in integrating into the American middle school curriculum! Through teaching, teachers have learned that different students face different learning difficulties, and for each of these different problems, teachers will provide the most appropriate assistance. On the other hand, teachers also encourage students to learn proactively. Through a systematic learning process, students can explore their own interests and special skills. In classwork, the students’ assignments, test scores, and class participation are included in the overall result of the semester.
Experienced teachers adopt interactive teaching methods to cultivate students’ critical thinking, analytical research, teamwork, and independent presentations, which are essential “survival skills” for North American universities. Our diverse courses include music, drama, science, etc.; and extracurricular activities, seminars, student clubs, leadership training, community volunteerism, and physical activities are all necessary supplements to classroom teaching. The combination of in- and extra-curricular learning can stimulate students’ interest to the greatest extent, thus giving full play to the advantages of North American education.

Academic Counseling

UEIS (United Education International School) provides American middle school G7-G12 courses in Taiwan, which is a continuation of the curriculum for students who have completed the six years of elementary education. Our world-class teachers and teaching system meet the needs of Taiwanese students and help them quickly adapt to American teaching methods. UEIS education focuses on a hands-on experience. Through experiments, internships and other projects, students can acquire theoretical knowledge in a shorter time. Students’ performance evaluations will focus more on daily performance, and tutoring courses are divided into subjects every evening, which greatly lessens the pressure on students after school. The flexible academic tutoring program greatly improves students’ academic performance. Besides, the teachers will closely supervise every student’s performance and ask the students in need of assistance to join the academic tutoring program.
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