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Student Success Gallery

UEIS provides the best quality education and has nurtured the progress of many international alumni over the years. Our prominent graduates boast outstanding academic performances and have been admitted into prestigious colleges. In addition to this they also had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in many events and competitions.
UEIS makes it a priority to develop both leadership and communication skills amongst the student body. Moreover, UEIS stresses creativity and endeavors to strengthen motivation. In addition to academic pursuit, students have to learn how to help others and contribute to their communities. Throughout our art education program, UEIS develops creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and cultural awareness. Throughout our humanities and social sciences education program, UEIS teaches students to become a valuable community member, an ability to be sensitive to others regardless of cultural differences, and problem-solving skills.
Here at UEIS we are incredibly proud of students who have achieved both academic and non-academic accomplishments. Whether it be college admission or competitions we hold these students in very high regard. The following is a list of commendable students:
Joshua Chuang
2021 Art and Design Competition UWE 1st place (Taiwan)
Stella Chuang
Entered the Final on the 2021 Science Without Borders® Challenge
Jonathan Yu
SAT 1330
Stewart Huang
Brandis University
TOEFL 114、ACT 34
HOPE Club president
Angelina Hsueh
Indiana University Bloomington ( with a four-year scholarship )
Students’ Union President
New York University
Brandis University (Special offer : Five-Year Bachelor's/Master's Program)
Ken Chen
Indiana University–Bloomington Jacob Music School
2018 Taiwan Music Competition --- Saxophone 1st place
Evelyn Tsai
New York University
Completed High School When 16
TOEFL 115、ACT 31
HOPE Club vice president
Chris Tsao
Arizona State University
SAT Math II 800
AMC 12 Excellence Award
Math Club founder/first president
Steven Hsieh
University of California,Davis
SAT Math II 800
Students’ Union President
Andrew Yu
University of Washington
SAT Math II 800
LEGO-First LEGO League
Firmiana Huang
Indiana University–Bloomington Kelly School ( with a 280 thousand dollars scholarship )
Students’ Union President
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