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Our well-round education in a holistic environment leads to students’ achievements, successes, and accomplishments

UEIS’ quality education prepares each child to meet the challenges of the world, on top of enriching them through elite academics. Our “Well-round Education in a Holistic Environment” furnishes students with experiences that nurture aptitude in critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, etc. Our educational philosophy ASEP, A (Academy)、S (Social)、E (Emotion)、P (Physical), engages students in the teaching and learning process, encouraging personal growth and collective responsibility. In addition, the Philosophy calls for the provision of a holistic education; one concerned with the growth of a student’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials, and which is in tune with each child’s unique needs and expertise. Our advantage in college admissions every year has established credibility and wins over parents so they feel confident in UEIS.
The ASEP that encompasses a well-rounded, balanced education is one that produces active and productive global citizens who are globally-aware and engaged 21st century citizens. For this to occur, UEIS offers students opportunities to develop not just the knowledge, but the skills, mindset, and moral standards required for a successful career and private life after education.
Education is a lifelong process. We would like to express our appreciation for ongoing support from the parents all these years. Your trust in us has driven us to take on the responsibility for enlightening students to skills they didn’t know they had, letting them dedicate time to areas in which they are truly passionate. Beyond high school graduation, students not only grow to be successful but also turn to be valuable.
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