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Total Care Learning
Total Care Learning

Total Care Learning
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Experimental Education

UEIS plans the student-centered curriculum with international languages and diverse cultures, referring to the concept of blended learning models to establish a solid foundation for an international educational environment and cultivate the needs of outstanding global citizens with global literacy. The curriculum is conducted all in English to build a professional and international educational environment of “studying abroad in Taiwan.” Our professional foreign teachers are hired to implement both online and onsite teaching, and to combine virtual and physical teaching methods to enhance students’ learning effectiveness.
  1. Professionals are hired to serve as teachers to assist students in changing their learning and thinking modes, and enhance students’ ability to learn independently, think independently, inspire their creativity and critical judgment.
  2. Enrolled students are divided into groups according to their starting point abilities in English and cultural teaching. Mixed-age grouping and multiple electives are adopted so that students can select different courses.
There are two major experimental directions, Curricular Experiment and Teaching Experiment :
  1. Curricular Experiment :
    Combine the Chinese and foreign professional curricula and integrate multiple learning fields. Refer to the concepts of mixed-age grouping and adaptive learning in Montessori education. The curriculum includes the diverse fields of character education, Chinese and foreign classics literary education, art and humanities, physical education, and life education.
  2. Teaching Experiment :
    The curriculum aims to cultivate outstanding talents with global citizenship with diversity, tolerance, and cultural literacy. Multilingual learning ability is strengthened to assist students with the consistent learning process from the learning of a single language (Chinese) in elementary school, the bilingual experience of Chinese and English in junior high school, to the diverse language thinking abilities in senior high school. The students’ English oral expression, written ability, and logical thinking will be enhanced in order to construct an international learning environment of globalization/global village.
To cultivate international students with the academic temperament and learning attitude of reflective and critical thinking, the curriculum features project presentations, internal and external exhibitions and performances of the school. There are also presentations (mainly in English) at the end of a semester. In addition to the curriculum design, students of this school are expected to participate in at least one competition on or off campus every year.
Our experimental education aims to strengthen students’ ability of international exchange, enhance students’ international vision, and build their ability to identify with multiple cultures. In addition to assisting and encouraging students to attend various keynote speeches or symposiums, we also collaborate with many high schools and colleges in the U.S. or other prestigious foreign universities and laboratories. Depending on the students’ individual talents and interests, we arrange for students to join short-term overseas exchange study groups from time to time during the semester or winter and summer vacations, or send exchange students to collaborative schools abroad, or deepen international educational participation through video conferences and exchange visits. At the same time, we also arrange international visits and form strategic alliances with American partner schools or and other prestigious universities at home and abroad to introduce a team of professors, foreign teachers, and related teaching resources to our school.

Career Planning

From the moment of enrollment, our school constructs a complete career planning system for every student to provide the most appropriate learning environment and content. It is hoped that this will help identify and develop students’ maximum potential, and make the best preparations for further development and learning on the international stage through self-understanding, exploring and learning, and establishing future goals.
Grade 7 – 8 Grade 9 - 10 Grade 11 - 12
Self Understanding Exploration and Learning Goal Establishment
Self Understanding :
The activities, exchanges, and sharing will help Grade 7 and 8 students understand their personal aptitude and interests, and further construct the curriculum map for future exploration and learning.
Exploration and Learning :
In the process of academic learning and diverse clubs, curriculum map planning helps Grade 9 and 10 students to establish a solid basic abilities, develop professional skills, and cultivate the competencies of self-respect and caring for others. The curriculum includes: diverse learning/communication and expression/learning attitude; self-understanding/self-learning/self-management/self-challenge; interdisciplinary learning/hands-on activities/life application/problem solving/five-sense learning.
Goal Establishment :
The aim is to cultivate outstanding talents with global citizenship, diversity, tolerance, and cultural literacy. Students in Grades 11 and 12 will fully understand their future goals. The purpose is to internalize meaning and learning: people and themselves/people and people/people and environment/people and culture.
Every year, the Office of Academic Affairs and homeroom teachers will assist students with curriculum planning and help students find the direction that best suits their personal interests and development, and prepare them for the future.
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